Outlaw Steals the Show

Outlaw Steals the Show

Atomic Speedway
Open Wheel Championship: Night One
By Tyler French

8-25-17 —- Night number one of the Open Wheel Championship at Atomic Speedway, certainly did not disappoint for the Renegades of Dirt Modified Series. 34 entries signed into the pits with their eye on the $1200 prize up for grabs.

The action started as all drivers took to the track in their selected groups for qualifying, where “The Outlaw” Jesse Wisecarver would show his dominance early by setting fast time overall.

Once qualifying was complete, the field broke into 4 heat races. A four position invert took place to shake things up a bit, and make those qualifying towards the top of the charts, work hard to regain their respective spots. The top four finishers from each heat race would move on to the main event, with the remainder of the field moving on to one of two B main events, for a last chance shot at making the final starting field. The top two finishers in each B main would round out the field.

The first heat saw JP Roberts of Gallipolis, Ohio, who started on the outside front row, charge out to an early lead. Though being pressured by Jesse Wisecarver, the veteran driver never lost his cool, and was able to carry his momentum on to the win, with Wisecarver coming in the runner up spot, Chad Roush third, and Jason Montgomery fourth.

The second heat certainly didn’t lose in speed, as it was Travis Dickson coming from the second row, using his crafty driving skills and sheer speed to cut his way to the lead about halfway through, to pick up the win, followed by Seth Daniels, Jason Brookover, and Cody Faulk.

The third heat provided a show with Aaron Pendleton, who started the outside front row, picking up the win, while recieving heavy pressure from Kenny Johnson. Kenny was able to stay on the rear bumper of Pendleton’s machine, but never could quite make the pass. Following behind them was John Burdette and Dave Pinkerton.

The fourth heat was quite a thriller, as it was Jess Hartman making a risky, high side pass around DJ Cline coming off turn four on the final lap coming for the checkered flag that had everyone on their feet. Bad luck for KC Burdette, who was running in the third position as something broke in his machine, causing the car to jump the cushion, and come to rest at the top of turn two, and bringing out the caution. The final two to transfer behind Hartman and Cline would be Craig Christian and Greg Oliver, who had his work cut out for him, as he started in last row.

The first B main of the night, would send Mark Dickson and Rob Stambaugh on to the main event. Heartbreak for Brandon Ramsey, as he led the first several laps before the turn one wall would prove tougher than his machine, and end his night early.

The second B main would allow Kevin Morehouse and Kyle Brown to punch their ticket into the show.

With the Renegades of Dirt main event being first of all main events for the night, it didn’t disappoint in setting the tone for the night. Three, and oft times, four wide racing was happening all over the Atomic racing surface. As the drivers shuffled around the first several laps, it was Seth Daniels out to the early lead, Jesse Wisecarver rallying to the number two position, and Jess Hartman rounding out the top three.

The #32 machine of Chad Roush would bring out the first and only caution, of the 20 lap event, on lap 8. The field would restart under the Delaware Double File format. Second place runner Jesse Wisecarver would choose the outside line, leaving Jess Hartman to his inside.

On the restart, Daniels would retain his lead, with Wisecarver nipping at his heels. Both drivers were working the top side of the race track to keep their momentum up. On lap 18, Wisecarver was able to get a substantial run on Daniels off turn two down the back stretch, and throw Hail Mary slide-job, backing the rear of his own car into the wall. With sparks raining down off the wall, Wisecarver was able to keep enough momentum to stay in front of Daniels, and lead the final two laps and take the victory over Daniels, with Jess Hartman coming home in third. The big mover in the event, was driver of the #0 machine of Mark Dickson, who started in the 16th spot, and sliced his way through the field, all the way to fourth. JP Roberts would round out the top 5.


August 25th, 2017

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